The Committee Members

Our members are local business people and community leaders who have a deep appreciation and respect for all personnel who serve at Cannon Air Force Base. See a full list of our Committee Members below in ABC order.

Cory Adair
Lance Adkins
Barbara Allsup
Jody Balch
Rhonda Bargman
Darryle Bender
Don Bonner
John Bourne
Gayla Brumfield
James Burns
Mark Carpenter
Kent Carruthers
Brian Chambers
Caleb Chandler
George Chappell
Derek Cockrell
Blake Curtis
Danny Deckard
Paul Ellis
Larry Fry
Raymond Furrow
Juan Garza
Chase Gentry
Matthew L. Glenn
Wes Graham
Shawn Hamilton
Tom Hartley
Ted Hartley
Gene Hendrick
Mike Hilburn
Randy Holland
Craig Johnson
Johnnie Jones
Jack Kirkland, CPA
Ernie Kos
Albert Kwan
David Lansford
Lonnie Leslie
Lee Malloy
Tom Martin
Stacey Martin
Duffy Moon
Jay Neff
Phil Pharies
Tom Phelps
Gene Porter
Lance Pyle
David Robinson
Dr. Becky Rowley
Sandra Taylor Sawyer
James Sitterly
Tommy Smith
Jim Sours
Greg Southard
Sarah Stagner
Justin Stagner
Paul Stout
Sid Strebeck
Gail Tarson
Ed Tatum
Marty Tressell
Tammy Garner Waters
Tommy Watson
Dr. Michael G. Wood
Dr. Brent Woodard